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Hello All,

For those looking for some really good factual basics on using your DSLR, this is a recent journal entry written by Cameron-Jung that I think is really well written and easy to follow...

"Getting to know your new DSLR".
I have the ever so slightest complaint about the conduct of some deviants. The founder emeraldsugar and myself EthanRobson have unfortunately been dealing with some impolite and at a stretch arrogant comments and passive threats that aren't particularly appreciated.

As it was previously mentioned in the groups blog, and is also CLEARLY posted on the front page of the group, emeraldsugar has taken over the group some time ago. Things will change from the way they have been.

We are not nasty moderators hiding behind our computers intentionally making your life miserable, we are like-minded artists who love the community that is deviantART. And would you also believe that we are humans as well, so think before you click send or lose the plot in your journal (yes we do read them, and so does everyone else)!

We are slowly but surely developing the group and learning as we go. If the title of the group hasn't given it away yet, the GrandGallery has a particular style and taste as to what it collects. We don’t have an auto accept policy, basically because we want to dedicate this space to the deviants who put quite a lot of effort into what they shoot.

Also we have this particular standard, style and aesthetic for a reason. If we were to accept every single deviation and happy snap, we would have no right to call it the GrandGallery, maybe the WateredDownGallery or AnyOldS#1tGallery. And I don't feel that the deviants already submitting would appreciate having there work lost in the dA ether, again...

Have a look through the GrandGallery before sending us a spiteful message, or demands and accusations, because we are more than happy to immediately ban you for it, we don't have to tolerate it. Understand that by us declining your deviation, it is not a personal attack on you, your ability or talent, so you should not treat that as the opportunity to attack us for our decision. We answer your questions when we can (and as always) politely and calmly, we do not go in guns blazing as some deviants have chosen to of recent because one deviation was declined shortly after they joined...

We judge the deviations initially objectively, so if it's of poor quality, an every day snapshot, obvious self portrait, shot on a phone, compact or Holga, over photoshopped or with 90,000 hipster actions applied, unfortunately we won't accept. Composite images and photo manipulations, cosplay, tacky modelling shots, HDR, sunset, HDR sunset (lol), don't bother. Simple. Go and find an auto-accept group for that genre.

In the next few weeks I will be writing up a proper set of submission guidelines for the GrandGallery.

Just keep the basics in mind when shooting, composition (the one point I stress the most), get your message across, avoid clutter, quality of light and how you control it, and post production to finish the image off (not to correct and save a poor image).

If you want help with your work, technique, gear, or just have a photography related question there are thousands of people out there willing, be it on deviantART or on the interwebz. I don’t mind answering the odd question, I'm a working professional photographer and a student, I am busy. But I have a love for photography and especially for anyone willing to learn, so note me if you have a good one...

And finally, take a step back from yourself before you lay into someone who runs a group, any group. There are people with feelings (and precious little spare time) running these things for you at their own cost purely for the love of what they do, you don't pay us any money so don’t go expecting and demanding the red carpet treatment. I bet you don’t even pay for a dA sub, still that gives you no right to either...

Don't ever take any rejection or criticism as offense and blast others for it, you are only as good as what you put in. If you get upset, give up and sit in the corner because someone said no, where's that going to get ya? Nowhere, because your putting your happiness into the hands of others. Worse still, your letting faceless nobody's on the internet control your happiness...

If you have any questions at all, let us know!

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Grand Gallery Info

Welcome to GrandGallery. I [emeraldsugar] took over as Founder from the beautiful Sophibelle on 22/7/11. Submissions before 20/8/11 had to be declined. Group is now officially reopened.


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Thanks for the request! :hug:
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Whimsical-Dreams Jul 6, 2013   Photographer
Thank you so much for all of your support, lovely! :rose: :blowkiss:
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Perzikhoofd Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the request :love:
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JakezDaniel Dec 24, 2012   Photographer
Thanks a lot for the request!
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